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Your new Traxxas model is designed with water-resistant features to protect the electronics in the model (receiver, servos, electronic speed control). This gives you the freedom to have fun driving your model through puddles, wet grass, snow, and through other wet conditions. Though highly water resistant, the model should not be treated as though it is submersible or totally 100% waterproof. Water resistance applies only to the installed electronic components. Running in wet conditions requires additional care and maintenance for the mechanical and electrical components to prevent corrosion of metal parts and maintain their proper function.


Without proper care, some parts of your model can be seriously damaged due to contact with water. Know that additional maintenance procedures will be required after running in wet conditions in order to maintain the performance of your model. Do not run your model in wet conditions if you are not willing to accept the additional care and maintenance responsibilities.

• Not all batteries can be used in wet environments. Consult your battery manufacturer to see if their batteries can be used in wet conditions.

• The Traxxas TQi transmitter is not water resistant. Do not subject it to wet conditions such as rain.

• Do not operate your model during a rain storm or other inclement weather where lightning may be present.

• Do not allow your model to come in contact with salt water (ocean water), brackish water (between fresh water and ocean water), or other contaminated water. Salt water is highly conductive and highly corrosive. Use caution if you plan to run your model on or near a beach.

Before Running Your Vehicle in Wet Conditions

1. Consult the section “After Running Your Vehicle in Wet Conditions” before proceeding. Make sure you understand the additional maintenance required with wet running.

2. The wheels have small holes molded in to allow air to enter and exit the tire during normal running. Water will enter these holes and get trapped inside the tires if holes are not cut in the tires. Cut two small holes (3mm or 1/8” diameter) in each tire. Each hole should be near the tire center-line, 180 degrees apart.

3. Confirm that the receiver box O-ring and cover are installed correctly and secure. Make sure the screws are tight and the blue O-ring is not visibly protruding from the edge of the cover.

4. Confirm that your batteries can be used in wet conditions.

5. Use lower gearing (smaller pinion gears, as low as 23T or spur gear as large as 55T) when running in mud, deep puddles, snow, or other similar situations that will restrict the tires and put much higher loads on the motor.

Motor Precautions

• Velineon motor life can be greatly reduced in mud and water. If the motor gets excessively wet or submerged, use very light throttle (run the motor slowly) until the excess water can run out. Applying full throttle to a motor full of water can cause rapid motor failure. Your driving habits will determine motor life with a wet motor. Do not submerge the motor under water.

• Do not gear the motor by temperature when running in wet conditions. The motor will be cooled by water contact and will not give an accurate indication of appropriate gearing.

• Use special care when operating your model in muddy conditions. Stop operating your model if it appears to be straining due to the tackiness of the mud or build-up of mud on the chassis. Do not allow mud to collect on the motor or pack around the motor.

After Running Your Vehicle in Wet Conditions

1. Drain the tires by spinning the tires at high speed to “sling” the water out. One way to do this is to make several high-speed passes on a flat, dry surface (if possible).

2. Remove the batteries.

3. Rinse excess dirt and mud off the truck with low-pressure water, such as from a garden hose.  Do not use a pressure washer or other high-pressure water. Avoid directing water into the bearings, differentials, etc.

4. Blow off the truck with compressed air (optional, but recommended). Wear safety glasses when using compressed air.

5. Remove the wheels from the truck.

6. Spray all the bearings, drivetrain, and fasteners with WD-40® or similar water-displacing light oil.

7. Let the truck stand or you may blow it off with compressed air. Placing the truck in a warm, sunny spot will aid drying. Trapped water and oil will continue to drip from the truck for a few hours. Place it on a towel or piece of cardboard to protect the surface underneath.

8. As a precautionary step, remove the sealed receiver box cover. While unlikely, humidity or tiny amounts of moisture or condensation may enter the receiver box during wet running. This can cause long-term problems with the sensitive electronics in the receiver. Removing the receiver box cover during storage allows the air inside to dry. This step can improve the long-term reliability of the receiver. It is not necessary to remove the receiver or unplug any of the wires.

9. Additional Maintenance: Increase your frequency of disassembly, inspection, and lubrication of the following items. This is necessary after extended wet use or if the vehicle will not be used for an extended period of time (such as a week or longer). This additional maintenance is needed to prevent any trapped moisture from corroding internal steel components. Refer to your exploded view diagrams for help with disassembly and reassembly.

Stub axle housing bearings: Remove, clean, and re-oil the bearings.

Differentials: Remove, disassemble, clean, and re-grease the differential components. Use a light coating of Traxxas high-performance grease (part #5041) on the metal gear teeth.

Rear Drivetrain and Transmission Gears: Remove, disassemble, clean, and re-grease the drivetrain components. Use a light coating of Traxxas high-performance grease (part #5041) on the metal gear teeth. Remove, clean, and re-oil the bearings.

Rear Center Driveshaft: Apply small amounts of high-performance grease (part #5041) at the pin location on each end of the driveshaft. Make sure the driveshaft rotates freely without binding.

Transmission Output Shaft: Apply small amounts of high-performance grease (part #5041) to the rear transmission output shaft for a smooth fit to the bearings. Remove, clean, and re-oil the bearing.

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